Phase Magazine: Issue 3 launch

Phase magazine presented issue 3 to Austin, Texas at Lewis-Carnegie Gallery this month. We welcomed all of Austin to our event to fully experience Phase Issue 3, with the hopes of bringing the experience of Palo Duro to our viewers. Phase was so gracious to have the opportunity to meet all of our audience from Austin, and to connect with new faces as well. At the Phase Magazine: Issue 3 event we exhibited our interactive installation with the ambition of bringing the senses of Palo Duro to our viewers. This installation was composed of five pedestals possessing auditory, tactile, and aroma correlating to the experience of shooting in Palo Duro. Inside the gallery our short film was shown featuring Jared Royal and Kim Vandageraad directed and shot by Clinton Elliott. Lastly, the Issue 3 was shown for the very first time.

A special thanks to our photographers Parker Thornton and Gabe Perez and our models Brooke Wood, Kim Vandageraad, Jared Royal, and Clinton Elliott. All of you exceeded our expectations for Issue 3. Thank you to Lewis-Carnegie gallery for allowing Phase to use their space. Thank you to Richard and Grace for giving us the opportunity to use your collection for our magazine. Thank you Tosh Yashiro for taking these images of our event, we are very grateful for you. Thank you so much to all of our supporters in Austin and Houston for taking the time out of your busy lives to support us, attend our event, and purchase the magazine. All of you make this magazine possible. 

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Issue 3 short film: click here

Phase Magazine: Issue 2 launch

Phase Magazine's issue 2 launch offered the art scene of Houston an installation of clothing, film, prints, and the first seen Issue 2. Phase wanted to give our viewers a fully interactive installation where the audience could apprehend every detail that went into the making of our new issue. Everything inside of the popup was built, created and or installed by our own teams hands. The interior of the popup held a short film projected upon the gallery walls, prints of behind the scenes photographs by Clinton Elliott, installation of all of the ensembles of the clothing and footwear used in the styling of Issue 2, a live performance art of the two models (Andrew Okano and Matt Fearno) shaving their heads for the audience, and the first time Houston could see Issue 2 of Phase Magazine. In the images below show moments taken during the popup.

Phase wants to give a huge thanks to everyone who came to show support, we truly do this for you guys. Phase's motive is to give homage to all of these talented artists, and we think we fulfilled that on this night.

Also, a special thanks to all the Photographers included in this issue: Shaider Divina and Gia Cope.. The models as well: Andrew Okano, Matt Fearno, Enmi Yang, and Michelle Minaschek. All of you did more than execute our vision for Issue 2 and we're over the moon about it. A special thanks to Preston Douglas for allowing us to pull from your collection.
Thank you AtmosphereLight for taking these beautiful pictures at our popup. Thank you The Space HTX for the perfect place to have our launch and the free creative control to make this event our own. 

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To watch the short film featured at our popup: Click Here.

Author: Sky Mejias, Lead Creative Director 

Issue 2 Showcase: Gia Cope

Showcase is used to give our audience a taste of our photographers for the approaching Phase issue. We want to give our viewers some comprehension of the photographer’s vision and what they have been working on prior to Phase Magazine. 

Gia Cope is a 18 year old film photographer located in Houston, she has only been a photographer for less than a year but has already developed a natural intuition for composition, color, and overall individual thought process. Over this experience she has stimulated different perspective within our team, she has exerted confidence the same way as her colleagues even though she’s had less than half of their experience, but overall.. most importantly.. she executed beautifully. We had an amazing experience working with her and I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to as well.

"I devour intimacy and savor devotion. Of every image I am in control of, I would like my subject to become very close with the viewer. I pray the individual who looks at my work experiences discomfort, yet serenity. As an artist, I want to initially connect with the viewer without having to formally introduce myself. I suppose I could verbally share a few stories of my own lack of innocence, and my most excellent, clouded perspective of each and every one of my individual worlds. Though, I would much rather showcase all of the above, visually."

-Gia Cope

Instagram: giacope
Twitter: gia_cope

The importance of aesthetics and the vision of Issue two

Aesthetics: I perceive, I feel, I sense. 

Aesthetics is a Renior painting that stops you in your tracks while walking to the bathroom inside an art museum. It’s double taking at a beautiful woman walking down the street wearing a red dress and matching Manolo Blahniks. it’s thinking a hairless cat is adorable even if it’s fucking ugly. Aesthetics aren’t exclusively beautiful nor exclusively ugly. It's a privilege that is dispensed to you as an artist to seduce the viewer into a trance.

To experience this, please play this Phase curated playlist while viewing the following moodboard:

Experience for our viewers is important to Phase. Every issue we gather an eclectic amount of cohesive reference images into a mood board. Then, from there we curate a playlist that is perfectly compatible with our vision. Together these two assets are vital when it comes to drafting wardrobe and location. Throughout the process of making issue two the mood board and mood playlist will be referenced to ensure that the issue has a consistent feel.

Marni S/S '17

Marni S/S '17

Balenciaga S/S '16

Balenciaga S/S '16

Alexander Wang S/S ‘17

Alexander Wang S/S ‘17

To view the rest of this mood board, click here.

Phase Launch: Issue 1

Six months ago Phase Magazine began with one idea from Enmi Yang.
She came to me and pitched an innovative idea that sparked my interest immediately. Put simply, she envisioned a concept that gave Enmi and I the opportunity to reach out to our people, the visionary artists who don’t yet have the platform to showcase their incredible work. It was a concept that i’ve been craving as an artist myself, personally this hit home for me as this could be a check point to help me reach my purpose. I thought of this magazine to be a vanguard of a new category; a magazine where instead of focusing on people who are already successful and have a platform, we focus on, and give the limelight to, the unrecognized artists that are faithful to their skill. Together we reached out to our favorite artists ourself, photographers including Clinton Elliott, Cary Fagan, and Enmi herself. Together we created something unimaginable... an idea that evolved into a full-fledged project and emerged as something bigger than the all of us could have ever imagined. What emerged was something that touched people in a unique way, causing them to feel what I can only imagine is the exact same wonder and astonishment I felt when approached by Enmi. This is something that gives people the opportunity to dream better, collaborate better, and connect better. 

Saturday, November, 19th was the launch of Phase Magazine. 
It was held at TOMO mags, an established magazine and paper goods shop located in Montrose. In my heart I felt that the only three people were going to show to see our homemade magazines binded by each of our very own hands. But, to our astonishment 100+ people came to support us and our pursuit, because of you guys we were so blessed to sell out of all our copies. We hoped to give artists of all kind an opportunity to network and get inspired.

I want to say a special thanks to Vico and Kevin, the owners of TOMO mags, to share their space with us as having a platform for artists to share their work is just as important to them as it is for Phase. Also, a special thanks to Chris Chavez for the long hour late night binding sessions. And of course to Travis Rukundo for executing beautiful promotional material for us. 

Thank you to Atmospherelight for all of these exquisite photos from the launch. 


Author: Sky Mejias, creative direction and public relations

Editor: Jakob Lucas